Présentation de Fonact

L’école internationale de théâtre de Fontainebleau (Fonact) est un centre professionnel d’excellence consacré aux arts du spectacle vivant. Nous dispensons un enseignement de conservatoire, de classe mondiale, depuis le cœur de la forêt de Fontainebleau.

Présentation de Fonact

Fonact offers a variety of pathways into acting training and we accept applications for four different professional courses, not including our short courses or workshops. It should be stressed, however, that all the courses contribute to the same ultimate objective: to provide you with the highest quality training delivered by a hugely experienced and committed group of teachers and directors ̶ credible training that will prepare you for the vigours of a successful professional life.

In 2013, after graduating from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, Laurent de Montalembert began offering summer acting workshops in his hometown of Fontainebleau – the Fontainebleau School of Acting (Fonact) was born. Buoyed by its success, and requests from students to continue their studies, he decided to create a 1 year foundation course to assist young actors preparing to audition for the world’s leading drama schools. Again, this course exceeded expectations, with most students being successful in winning places at top international drama schools (including Yale, RADA, Central School, LAMDA, Guildhall, Royal Welsh College, etc).

Clearly the training Fonact was offering was as comprehensive in quality with that available in long established and renowned conservatoires. But it wasn’t enough ̶ our students were asking to develop and lengthen their training to enable them to stay with us and prepare for the profession, rather than applying elsewhere. This resulted in our 2-year course being established, and now we are offering a third year of study in Athens.

Obviously, some applicants are not in a position to commit to three years of training straightaway, so we have maintained our 3-month, 1 year, 2 years and 3 years options at the point of application. But the vast majority of applicants who complete the shorter courses (3 months and 1 years) request to extend their training, and we endeavour to facilitate such requests, but it should be understood that progression is only encouraged where the application and trajectory of the student warrants further

Regardless of which length of course you apply for, all our students work together in the same ensemble -̶ if you apply for 3 months your cohort will include actors who have signed up for 3 months, 1 year, 2 years and 3 years.

Our students come from all corners of the globe, which is an enormous asset, as each individual arrives with their own cultural identity and their own story to tell.

All of Fonact’s courses are undertaken in English, and the programme itself is designed around the tradition of British theatre; however, the work at Fonact, and the Fonact ensemble itself, represents more than that. It represents what unites us -̶ our generosity, our curiosity, our humanity.

Pourquoi étudier chez Fonact ?

The Fontainebleau School of Acting is a unique and practical environment designed to further develop your acting talents. Our courses will give you the necessary vocal, physical and imaginative training to awaken your potential and further your career.

You will have the opportunity to work with fully-trained professionals – many from the world’s best international drama schools with recognised theatre, television and film credits – who will add a wealth of knowledge to your classes and bring the spirit, philosophy and quality of the British theatrical tradition to your studies.

At Fonact, we focus on small classes because we believe it is important you receive close, individual attention as you take the time to discover yourself as an artist. This intimacy is vital for you to grow and evolve as an individual but also to build-up and strengthen the ensemble.

By design our programmes are intense to ensure that you are fully immersed, committed and live a truly uniqueand positive experience.

Toutes nos formations proposent :

  • A rigorous full-time programme
  • Une formation professionnelle au jeu d’acteur
  • Des cours avec des professeurs d’art dramatique de renommée mondiale
  • Un accompagnement personnalisé pour poursuivre sa formation


Nous proposons un éventail unique de programmes comprenant nos formations professionnelles en un ou deux ans, nos cours intensifs de trois mois, nos stages d’été de deux ou quatre semaines, nos master classes de jeu face caméra, etc.

Notre parcours

Fontainebleau School of Acting est née en 2015 et son offre de formations continue de croître.


The Fonact French campus is set in the heart of Fontainebleau, renowned for its large and scenic forest, as well as its historic Château.

The Fonact Greek campus is set in the heart of Athens, a walk away from the majestic Acropolis

Espaces pédagogiques

Fonact dispose d’espaces pédagogiques de qualité au cœur de Fontainebleau et et bénéficie de l’accès au théâtre municipal de Fontainebleau et à divers studios, ainsi qu’à la vaste forêt de Fontainebleau pour les ateliers extérieurs.


Fonact est titulaire de la certification Qualiopi qui atteste de la qualité des processus mis en œuvre par les organismes de formation et constitue un gage de leur professionnalisme.

Notre demande d’enregistrement de notre formation d'Artiste Interprète au répertoire national des certifications professionnelles (RNCP), qui dépend de France Compétences, est en cours de traitement.

Le RNCP est l’organisme de référence pour la France au sein du cadre européen des certifications (CEC) et précise les équivalences des certifications par rapport aux normes européennes.

Nos stagiaires

Présentation des étudiants de notre formation professionnelle de conservatoire en deux ans

Nos professeurs

Présentation de notre équipe internationale d’enseignants, d’acteurs et de metteurs en scène de haut niveau.


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