Creativity & Connection Workshop

A five-day intensive course designed to enhance your confidence, communication, and openness. Delivered by highly experienced professionals in a safe and supportive environment.

Find Your Voice, Use Your Voice

Our Creativity and Connection Workshop is open to all adults over 30 looking for a creative way to improve their confidence, communication and public speaking skills. No previous acting experience is required or even a desire to pursue professional acting.

The Workshop introduces the participants to the ensemble, connection, self development and expression, exploring how to access inner creativity and the sharing of creative ideas through movement, voice, poetry and text work, delivered by highly experienced professionals. We work to improve concentration, assertiveness, and give you the space to use your voice and gain confidence in public speaking. The course is immersive and experiential as we combine group exercises, movement, voice, poetry, and text in order to improve your confidence and wellbeing.

You will work to build the confidence to be seen and heard for who you are, to learn how to communicate more freely without apology or bravado, and to speak from the heart. The work is intended to resonate with anyone, regardless of age, profession, status or background. The work is rigorous and demanding and delivered in a supportive and nurturing atmosphere where feeling playful and foolish are encouraged and celebrated.

Course Details:


The Creativity and Connection workshop is an exploration into the nature of authentic connection and confidence for adults over 25s.


The Fontainebleau School of Acting and various locations around Fontainebleau.


1st April – 5th April 2024

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