One-Year Intensive Foundation

A one-year, full-time intensive programme designed to help you hone your craft and build the foundations of your learning journey.

Experience the power of the ensemble and unleash your creative potential

The one-year vocational training at Fonact prepares you for your journey as an actor. It is an intensive and immersive experience curated to instil the fundamentals of your acting education.

The training is divided into three terms and covers the following:

- Voice training
- Movement
- Audition skills
- Project work
- End of year theatrical production.


The first term is focused on self-discovery, as we explore identity and authenticity. Much time is also spent on working to build the ensemble. The fundamental crafts of voice and movement are introduced and will include:   

By the end of the first term, you will have a more profound connection with yourself, have built a stronger relationship with your ensemble, and have a deeper connection to text work. 

The second term is more advanced with text-based projects. These projects marry your developing craft work and acting technique within the context of scenes.  

Your final term is focused on a professionally directed productionRehearsals take place over a four to six-week period with a visiting theatre Director, or core member of the acting staff, and a full professional creative team. This experience gives the ensemble a taste of a professional production, as well as insight into other areas of work within the profession. The production is a chance to apply all the craft work and actors training in a public performance.   


Voice work brings together movement and breathing. We examine and analyse vocal progression to help you understand the core mechanics of the voice and how this supports the emotional and physical demands of performance. 

You will explore speech and singing as we introduce vocal support, how to implement it, follow your own vocal progression, and adapt your style to your personal and professional needs. The fundamentals of voice craft include: 

  • The anatomy of the voice
  • The physical root of sound
  • Using your breath to release your voice

By the end of the year you should clearly understand the fundamentals of how the voice works, your personal vocal development needs, as well as phonation, resonance, range and placement.  


Progression is evaluated by module leaders, throughout the programme by continuous assessment. Final evaluations take place at the end of the second year at the theatrical public performance at the municipal Theatre of Fontainebleau. Diploma Awards follow.


Your movement training covers the foundations of body alignment, functional movement, weight transference, and spatial awareness. We follow the principles of Laban to guide you through the motion factors of weight, time and space. The fundamentals of movement craft include:

  • Biomechanics
  • Postural behaviour
  • Balance
  • The physical relationship to space

During this year you will learn how to release physical tension and enhance core strength. Movement classes explore contact improvisation, rhythm and physical chorus work, alongside individual physical development.  


Term 1: 30 September – 13 December 2024
Term 2: 13 January – 28 March 2025
Term 3: 20th April – 6th June 2025

97% of our participant valued their time on this cours

Applications are open for 2024

 Auditions start from October 2023 onwards

Please note: all auditions will be done via Zoom.