Screen Acting Masterclass by Actoreel©

Intensive screen acting workshop

Your Story, our lens.

Led by highly experienced film directors, this intensive screen acting workshop is designed for actors wanting to work on their screen acting technique, to build their confidence level in a film environment. The six-day course will push participants outside of their comfort zone within a safe environment, to help them develop their full potential as an actor. The group is limited to ten participants to offer the group optimum exposure time in front of the camera over the six days.

We’ve combined our expertise to create an efficient way to showcase actors on screen. It consists on shooting simple cinematic scenes that primarily focus on the eyes of the actor, while minimizing cuts during editing.
This approach allows industry professionals to view the full potential of an actor’s skill. Those scenes are a great material to build a strong showreel. ACTOReel’s workshops, organized in collaboration with the Fontainebleau School of Acting, provide an excellent opportunity for participants to acquire valuable insights through close collaboration with industry experts, including directors, casting directors, stunt coordinators, and more. Our core mission centers on education, empowerment and creating meaningful experiences for people of all backgrounds. We also offer a range of services such as voice recording and editing, professional headshots and showreel productions.

Course Details:


Six-day full time Screen Acting Masterclass


The Fontainebleau School of Acting and various locations around Fontainebleau.


More information to follow.

How much?

1050 euros