Three-Month Intensive Course

Our foundational programme helps you start your journey as an actor. The course offers preparation and insight into professional vocational training

Dare, play, explore.

Our Three-Month Intensive is a unique course designed by certified teachers, professional actors, and working directors with decades of collective experience in the theatrical and cinematic arts. The course includes; development of the ensemble, voice training and movement training. This preparatory course allows you to build the foundations of your voice and movement skills and discover the ensemble as you learn to liberate yourself as an actor.

The Foundations

Our three-month intensive course runs throughout the year. This foundation course is designed to prepare you for further vocational training. The courses conducted in English are based at our premises both in Fontainebleau and Athens

The core of our work at Fonact focuses on the ensemble, which aims to develop your individual and collective confidence. Our cohort comes from all corners of the world, which offers a wealth of cultural diversity and experience.

Throughout your training, you will learn how crucial it is to be a generous, yet demanding participant in your group, how to take risks, and have the courage to use your theatrical space. You will begin to feel, appreciate and understand the dynamic relationship between strength and vulnerability.

The term consists of craftwork and text-based projects. You will learn how to confidently work on directed scenes, which will lead to an end-of-term performance.


Voice and Movement classes work to build your awareness of physical and vocal release. This first insight into solid craftwork enables you to better understand your strengths and weaknesses.

We aim to help you understand what the voice and body communicate and to become aware of unconscious or conditioned habits and behaviours.  

The purpose of voice work is to link movement and breathing as we examine and analyse vocal progressions. This will help you understand the core mechanics of the voice and how it supports the emotional and physical demands of a performance. 

You will explore the foundations of speech and singing as we introduce vocal support, how to implement it, how to follow your own vocal progression, and adapt to your personal and professional needs.  

By the end of the intensive, you will have a solid foundation of how the voice works, what your personal vocal development needs are, as well as phonation, resonance, range, and placement. 


Your movement training covers the foundations of body alignment, functional movement, weight transference, and spatial awareness. We follow the principles of Laban to guide you through the motion factors of weight, time, and space. 

During your course, you will learn the foundations of how to release physical tension and enhance core strength. Movement classes explore contact improvisation, rhythm, and physical chorus work alongside individual physical development. 

Intensive Training

We build upon the ensemble work to enable you as an actor to speak for yourself, to recognise the qualities we share as human beings, and celebrate those that make us special as individuals.

We believe freeing your creative imagination is as crucial as craftwork and we encourage the development of this throughout the course.

Your time with Fonact will be rigorous and demanding. As we are an international school of excellence you will work in a nurturing and supportive environment over a minimum of 360 hours. The work is designed to challenge you and ensure you emerge from the three-month intensive programme stronger and invigorated.

The three-month intensive is preparatory training and will give you a clearer sense of how you might benefit from further vocational training, and what to look for as you make your next informed steps.


Progression is evaluated by module leaders, throughout the programme by continuous assessment. A final evaluation will take place at the end of the three-month intensive.


30th September – 13th December 2024 (FONTAINEBLEAU)

13th January – 28th March 2025 (ATHENS) 

23rd June – 29th August 2025 (FONTAINEBLEAU)

97% of our participant valued their time on our courses

Applications are open for 2024

 Auditions start October 2023 onwards

Please note: all auditions will be done via Zoom.