Acting Intensive Courses

Our four-week and two-week acting Intensive courses are open to beginners and seasoned professionals alike. All you need is a passion for acting and a desire to develop your craft.

Free Your Imagination

Each year we dedicate the month of April and August to our two-week and four-week Spring and Summer Intensive courses. Open to beginners and seasoned professionals alike, all you need is curiosity and a desire to develop your craft. The course is open to anyone with a passion for acting and/or a desire to develop their personal confidence and presence. We welcome applicants of any age (18+) and nationality, regardless of previous acting experience.

Our courses are the perfect place to work in a creative and safe environment with highly qualified and passionate instructors. The core team of directors and teachers will support, inspire and challenge you, as well as encourage play, openness and creativity. We want to ensure you feel nourished, pushed and available to your fellow ensemble members. You will build your confidence and experience the real meaning of the ensemble in an atmosphere of joy and discovery.

Develop Your Craft

Mornings are dedicated to discovery classes in acting, voice and movement, with the afternoons spent acting with professional directors. Your morning classes explore the foundations of movement and voice, while improvisation and theatre games are used to build confidence and playfulness. In your acting classes, you will work with a range of texts from classical and modern drama, to poetry and song. We choose to focus on scenes and texts that suit the particular needs and energy of the ensemble.

The course concludes with a performance. All classes are delivered in English and training is six hours each day.

Ensemble, Always

The Spring and Summer Intensive courses are curated to be fully immersive allowing you to see, feel and experience your highest creative potential. Many of our evenings are spent together which allows you to develop deeper bonds with the group in a relaxed and informal setting. Here is where you can make connections for life.

In Spring the course’s appeal is magnified by Athens itself, a city where history breathes through the streets and ancient landmarks stand as sentinels of time. Just as Fontainebleau’s forests and château gardens inspire creativity and restoration, Athens offers a different yet equally stimulating backdrop. The contrast between Fontainebleau’s lush forests and Athens’s historical landscapes offers students a comprehensive experience of nature’s tranquility and the profound impact of human heritage, making each course location a unique chapter in their educational journey.

Course Details:


An intensive training focusing on movement, voice and acting. Designed to open your minds, challenge you and build your on-stage confidence. Led by highly qualified and passionate instructors and directors.


2 Weeks: 8th – 19th April 2024 (Athens)

2 Weeks: 5th August – 16th August 2024 (Fontainebleau)
4 Weeks: 5th August – 30th August 2024 (Fontainebleau) 


The Fontainebleau School of Acting is located in the magnificent town of Fontainebleau, near Paris and we have recently opened a new campus in Athens, Greece, the birth place of antique theater. They both represent the ideal environment to learn, work and grow. 

How much?

2 week intensive Athens: 1090€

2 week intensive Fontainebleau: 1090€

4 week intensive Fontainebleau: 1995€

97% of our participant valued their time on our cours