Bruno Dizien




Bruno Dizien is a trained contemporary dancer and physiotherapist.

After 30 years as a choreographer, company director, dance coordinator for circus schools and artistic companion to many circus authors, Bruno decided to study Osteopathy to gain a better understanding of the body and its secrets. In 2011, Bruno graduated from the European Osteopathic College. Continuing his research on the Amygdala nucleus, the site of emotional memory. In 2012, he set up his own practice to develop an exclusively tissue-based Osteopathy.
In 2017 Bruno joined the Fonact team to work with students and staff alike giving weekly osteopathic consultations. Bruno was also joined by Mélanie Blaes to form a formidable team keeping our students in top condition.

Having received a research grant In 2018, Bruno continues to work on his project concerning the “Vertical Dance”, a movement of contemporary dance, developed, in part,
in the forest of Fontainebleau. Bruno continues to lead his life harmoniously as a therapist and choreographer.