Fabienne Chevalier




Fabienne (RNCP certified relaxologist-sophrologist and certified hypnotherapist) aims to strengthen the mental tools necessary for the practice of the dramatic art, for example: management of stress and the emotions, development of concentration, deep energy, confidence in self, inner calm and memorisation.

Her work puts into practice the fundamental techniques of breathing and awareness of one’s body by anchoring and evacuating physical and psychic tensions.It is enriched by the ‘Practice of Attention’ to learn to focus on oneself, to listen to your emotions and feelings and to provide the right answer, at the right time, in any situation.Specifically, the proposed exercises are designed to control the sympathetic nervous system and its cortisol (stress hormone) and switch to its parasympathetic nervous system to control its respiratory and adrenal system, blood circulation and deep energy.

These exercises are based on dynamic breathing (breath + movement), muscle contraction / relaxation, activation of visual / auditory concentration, and positive visualisation.